Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Brief Look at a Couple of Really Dumb Ideas

          When I did Living Cheap News, I had a section titled “Dumb Idea of the Month.” There was always a wide selection to choose from.
          I recently came across two news items that I think deserve mention, and no, our streetcar is not one of them. That may well qualify as the dumb idea of the century if not the millennium.

          The first dumb idea comes from Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of and culture officer for New York based WeWork, a co-working firm. He announced that not only will WeWork not serve meat at company functions, it will not reimburse employee meals that contain meat while WeWork employees travel on business. WeWork wisely did not impose those restrictions on those who rent space from them.
          I find this dumb on so many levels but most of all on the level that Mr. McKelvey thinks his employees should not eat meat, so he plans to do what he can to impose his views on his employees. Who knows what’s next? Perhaps lowered performance evaluations for meat eaters?

          The second dumb idea demonstrates that we have a government that works—just not for us. The IRS now has enough data that it has the capability to prepopulate information on a tax form for each of us. Imagine how simple this would be. You get a free online tax form showing your salary, your interest, etc. It’s almost as easy as the postcard our president promised. But it’s not going to happen.
          There is legislation working its way through Congress to prevent the IRS from providing any such assistance, courtesy of our own H&R Block as well as Intuit, the company behind TurboTax.
          Can you imagine not only how easy this would have been? And how much effort and money it would have saved, not only for taxpayers, but also for the IRS, which would probably not have to spend so much money getting people to correct errors that such an online form would have prevented? 

© 2018 Larry Roth

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